Youth, Children & Families


The Parish aims to find many and varied ways for families to become part of our community.  St James offers more contemporary worship options, such as Breakfast Church, which are proving popular with local families.

The Parish also runs groups such as Babies, Biscuits & Banter which is a vital support for new parents.  Home Groups offer parents the opportunity to explore their faith within a small, supportive group in a home setting.  Pastoral visiting helps reduce isolation for older members of the community.

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Pioneering Mission

Rev Jo Northey has developed a team to help her to reach out to people in our community who currently have no meaningful connection with either of our churches.  The aim of Pioneering Mission is to build relationships with them and explore ways of helping them connect to God and, in time, build a new community of faith.

Children & Youth Ministry

The Parish offers weekly, high quality age-appropriate ministry to children & young people (0-18) to nurture and encourage them in the Christian faith.  This ministry happens primarily alongside Sunday congregations in St James’.  It allows families to worship and belong together each Sunday.

BibLE2Go has proved very successful and Breakfast Church (on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month) is popular with families.  Wild Church at St James has proved both innovative and extremely popular.

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