We are delighted to offer baptism (also known as Christening) in both our churches.  Baptism is a sign of God’s great love for us and commitment to us,and is a welcome into the family of the Church.  It also reflects our desire to respond to Him with faith.

Baptisms take place at St Thomas à Becket Church on the 4th Sunday of the month (at 12:30pm, after the main service) and at St James’ on the 1st Sunday of the month (during the 10:00am Family Service).

The Baptism Service

Whether the baptism is part of a regular service or takes place after a service, the format is very similar.  If you would like to have a family member christened the first step is to contact our Families Minister, Jo Northey, to discuss the arrangements.


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Godparents are chosen to support your child’s faith journey.  They have to have been baptized themselves, although in this Parish it isn’t necessary for them also to have been confirmed.

Every child should have at least 3 godparents, two of the same sex and at least one of the opposite sex to your child.  There is no minimum age for godparents; your vicar can help you decide if a younger godparent is the right choice for your child.

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Staying in Touch

We keep in touch with children who are baptised here in our Parish.  They and their families will be invited to appropriate activities and youngsters will be invited to join Young Church when they are three years old.

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