The WC Project – Items to sponsor

Donate to a specific aspect of the project

If you would like to make a donation, and for the money to cover the entire cost of a particular item or aspect of the project – not ‘to go towards…’ – here are some of the things you might like to consider:

Watch Hut

Wall panelling in the toilet – £600
Baby changing unit – £200
Joinery to adapt the door to a disabled access – £1100
Flagstones for new path to Watch Hut – £4,500
Storage cupboards in toilet – £2,000
Excavations for footpath and new water main – £450
Excavate cesspool area – £800
New floor in toilet – £700
Provide new stone threshold to kitchenette – £425
New floor in Kitchenette – £600
Hot water heater and plumbing for toilet and kitchenette – £1100
Running the water to the Watch Hut – £900
Extensive repairs to the flint walls of the Watch Hut – £3,000
The disabled toilet itself and fittings! – £1,100
New cesspit tank – £900
Storage shed £600
Sinks for the kitchenette – £400


Altar Frontal box stowage – £4,000
Repairs to floor – £600
Fitted cupboards – £5,500
Stonemason repairs to window mullions and glass – £850
Resite safes and unsightly CH expansion tank – £700
Erect temporary vestry in nave during works – £450
Plumbing – £800

Welcome area

Costs to be confirmed shortly

Display boards
Oak table
Storage for folding chairs
Enhanced lighting

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Registered charity: The PCC of the ecclesiastical Parish of St Thomas á Becket, Warblington with St James, Emsworth. Charity number 1128391.


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