‘Parish Picnic and Pilgrimage’ – Two churches – One Parish

You can participate in this in a variety of ways according to your circumstances but everyone will need to bring their own picnic! For those attending the 10am family service at St. James, you can walk along the old pilgrim route to St. Thomas à Becket (arriving at about 12 noon) where there will be a drink and a welcome awaiting you. If walking that far is not appropriate, come by bicycle, boat or car to TàB – any form of transport is allowed!!

We have maps and a ‘treasure hunt/quiz’ for the journey especially for families.

For those worshipping at the 11am Holy Communion service at TàB, simply spill out into the beautifully manicured Churchyard and pick up a drink at the end of the service. For those who attend other services (8am or 6.30pm), please don’t be left out, just come along for the picnic from 12noon onwards.

May 1924 was the date of forming ‘One Parish’ from our two churches. We plan to celebrate this in some way each May, with a big centenary celebration only two years away!