Compiled by Beryl & Keith Linder the index relates to a record of the churchyard memorials made between 1995-8 for the P.C.C. by a team composed of members of the parish and the Portsdown Decorative & Fine Arts Society. It should be noted that, in order to maintain single line entries, the index gives only a brief indication of place, relationship & status (augmented in some instances by information from the Burial Register); in many cases the inscription provides more detail & the full record should be consulted. Full copies have been deposited with the Church & the Portsmouth City Record Office.


Grave Stones


 There are over 600 surviving memorials in the churchyard, and all but a few date from the early 18th

century to the end of the 19 th century, when the adjacent district cemetery was opened and the  churchyard “closed “for burials.

A strong maritime link is represented in several dramatic carved scenes. A ship capsized and depicted  upside down in Dublin Bay in 1759. An explosion on board HMS Torbay in which William Bean, pressed  into the Royal Navy at the age of 20, lost his life in 1758. Also two scenes of boats overturned in rough  seas in Emsworth harbour. most of the memorials are of limestone, probably quarried in Dorset, which would have been carried by sea from there. There are also a few later examples of imported Italian marble.

In the mid 19 th century we see the influence of the high church gothic revival. In the Anglican Church the sign of the Cross had been in abeyance since the Reformation, regarded as a symbol of papal
superstition. Memorials carved with a Cross before then are almost certainly to Roman Catholics, who
had no burial ground of their own. There are a number of these at Warblington, suggesting a strong
Roman Catholic presence in the district.


World War 1 & 2 – Detailed Information – compiled by John Simmons 2007

The Warblington war memorial is to be found at St Thomas à Becket’s Church. It contains the names of 32 men who died in World War 1. Additionally in the churchyard there graves of 10 men not named on the memorial but most are named on the Emsworth Roll of Honour.