The Warblington Church Project

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The Parish of Warblington-with-Emsworth is planning a significant building & refurbishment programme to make this historic church more accessible and adaptable.



St. Thomas à Becket Church, Warblington is a charming and beautiful rural church situated in the Warblington Conservation Area close to Chichester harbour. There has been a church on this site for over 1000 years, and parts of the present building date back to 12th Century. However, its beauty runs deeper than just the stones and mortar. For hundreds of years it has been a place of faithful prayer offering peace and refuge for many who worship regularly and for those who choose it as a location for their most significant family events. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who built the church but also to succeeding generations who have enhanced and modernised it in many ways over the centuries. It is because of those adaptions and modernisations that it is able to play such an important role in our community today.  Just as previous generations have shouldered the responsibility of caring for Warblington Church, it is now our turn to make sure that it can continue to serve as a vibrant place of worship and historic community building, accessible to everyone. As a Parish of two churches we are launching a major fundraising initiative to raise enough money to allow us to undertake significant improvements in several areas of the building.

We have actively applied for grants which, combined with the Warblington Rooms Fund, total about £100,000. I now ask you, our parishioners, as a final push to help raise the last £50,000.


THE WATCH HUT (to be the new toilet)

This outbuilding, in the NW corner of the churchyard, was built in 1828 to watch over newly dug graves.  One half of it will be adapted to house a wheelchair-accessible toilet (with baby changing facilities).  These days providing toilet facilities in a church is vital if we are to confidently welcome people to join us.  The need is particularly important for those travelling distances to services and for families with children.

Having food preparation and washing-up facilities in the Watch Hut will allow the Parish to host more events in the churchyard and so the other half of this building will be updated to provide better kitchen facilities.

  • We need to install a cesspit and running water, and to adapt the side door to accommodate wheelchairs
  • New flooring will be laid over the present flagstones and wall panelling and a false ceiling fitted
  • A new path will be laid to the building
  • Modern kitchen units, a kitchen sink/drainer, and a water heater will be installed
  • We will erect a storage shed for items displaced by this work
  • The building will be insulated and have thermostatically controlled heating

THE VESTRY (Church Office)

The Vestry serves as a preparation area for clergy.  It is also an office and repository for records, music and church equipment.  It has a serious damp problem and inadequate storage and hand-washing facilities, and is an inefficient use of space.

  • We need to strip off the plaster & deal with the damp
  • Rotten flooring must be replaced
  • The water heater & sink needs to be replaced and the plumbing updated
  • We simply have not got enough storage. We are a busy church and need better storage for the books, parish records, vestments and gowns, orders of service, candles and the many other articles necessary for the running of the church
  • Importantly, damp-proofed and vermin-free storage for the beautiful embroidered altar frontals must be provided


The church is very popular for both national and international visitors and also for those visiting the cemetery next door.  We want to be hospitable and make their visit to us as enjoyable and informative as possible.

  • We must make repairs to the floor and plasterwork in the area just inside the West Door entrance
  • Fitting carpeting will dampen noise and making it more welcoming
  • Better lighting and display boards will allow us to show others what we do in this parish and the breadth of our activities
  • Carefully thought out improvements will allow this space to be used in many ways. The result will be a flexible, comfortable and welcoming space for those entering the church


Donations should be paid to: Parochial Church Council of Warblington with Emsworth at Lloyds Havant; sort code: 30-93-97; account number: 02190813.  To ensure that your donation reaches the WC Project fund remember to add the reference WC Project.


Make cheques payable to ‘Parochial Church Council of Warblington with Emsworth’ and write WC Project on the back of your cheque.  Please send your cheque to The Warblington Church Project, Parish Office, 20a Church Path, Emsworth PO10 7DP.


All the money donated to the Parish through JustGiving during October and November 2020 will go to this building project.


Would you like your donation to pay for something particular? Click here for suggestions of specific items which you might like to gift to the project.

Please contact Christopher Morrison at if you wish to buy a specific item.


The Parish of Warblington-with-Emsworth is a registered charity. If you are a UK taxpayer and would like the Parish to benefit, please download a Gift Aid form by clicking here, call the Parish Office for one to be sent to you or collect a hard copy from either church.  Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25% at no extra cost to you


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