Coronavirus Update

Regretfully in the light of the current situation we have suspended all public worship, baptisms, weddings, events and group gatherings in the parish for the foreseeable future, and both churches are currently closed.

May we congratulate you on your engagement! Both St James’ and St Thomas à Becket are beautiful buildings and offer a wonderful setting for your marriage ceremony. We will do all we can to help make your day as special as possible. Both our buildings are very popular for weddings, so it is wise to make arrangements well in advance. We will then meet with you to help plan your Marriage Service and also to give you the opportunity to think about the vows you will be taking. We look forward to welcoming you!


You will have many things to prepare for your wedding, Among them will be a sheet with the words for the service in church. Many people like to make this sheet themselves, and get it printed locally.

Advice on what should be included in the service sheet;

Front cover

Name of church
The marriage of ‘Bride’s name’ and ‘Groom’s name’

Inside pages

Title of entry music and composer
Hymn (words printed out)
The Declarations
Readings (Bible readings, poems etc.)
The Address
The Marriage
Hymn (words printed out)
Hymn (words printed out)
The Signing of the Register
Title of exit music and composer

PLEASE NOTE – If you are having a printed order of service, the following need to be written at the bottom of the back page for copyright purposes;

If the service is at St James, Emsworth “Christian Copyright Licence 288632”
If the service is at St Thomas a Becket, Warblington “Christian Copyright Licence 1919474”

You will get plenty of help choosing music from our organist, and from the link to the Royal School of Church Music website. There may be special music before and after the service which you’d like, or even something for the choir to sing. You’ll note that the title of such music should be added to the service sheet.

There is normally a bible reading as part of the service. Perhaps you have someone who would read this (we have a microphone). Their name could be included in the service sheet.

Please feel free to use the picture of our church on your order of service, found in the gallery on the website.

You should get the service sheet on four sides of folded A4. While most people prefer the wider folded A4 size, it’s equally possible to have this as an A4 folded vertically that is long and narrow.

It is very important to take your draft copy to the priest conducting your wedding and to the organist for their approval before you send it to the printers. Make sure you order more than enough copies for the number of people you expect to come to your wedding (please include copies for the choir).

Don’t forget to take copies of the service sheet to the rehearsal in church.

For more information, please contact our Parish Secretary, in the Parish Office (Monday and Thursday mornings with answer phone at other times). We will do our very best to make your wedding a very happy day, and we wish you every blessing for the future.

20 Church Path Emsworth Hampshire PO10 7DP

01243 372428


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