The Churchyard surrounding St Thomas a Becket Church is no longer open for burials.  Along with the church building it is part of the estate of the Diocese of Portsmouth and is looked after with the assistance of Havant Borough Council.  A comprehensive record of every gravestone is held by both the Parish and Havant Museum.  Another copy is held in the archives of Portsmouth Library.

The two small stone huts are Watch Huts, built to offer overnight protection for men employed to watch over the graves of recently buried parishioners at a time when there was a thriving (but illegal) market in fresh cadavers for dissection by medical students.

The path running through the churchyard is part of ‘The Old Way’.  This was a pilgrimage route from Southampton to Canterbury, made famous by Henry II who walked the route to atone for his part in the murder of Thomas a Becket.


The cemetery was opened towards the end of the nineteenth century and subsquently extended (to the west, behind the church) in the early 2000s.  It is immediately adjacent to Warblington Church but is owned & managed by Havant Borough Council, not the Parish.

If you have a query about an upcoming funeral, contact your funeral director for information. 

If you have a more general query about the cemetery, contact the Cemeteries Department of Havant Borough Council (there is a link to their page on the HBC website below), or approach one of the onsite team at the cemetery, if they are available.