Sailors’ Service

A Sailors’ Service for yachtsmen and women and all those who spend some time on or in the water this summer.

Date and time: Sunday 22 March at 4.00pm.

Description: In the spring we spend time fitting out our boats materially, so we ought to pause to ensure that we ourselves are ‘fitted out’ in spirit and ready for the season. This service, for all those who will be venturing out onto the sea, will draw like-minded people together in fellowship, to sing and to contemplate the coming season on the water, remembering the prayer of the Breton fishermen: ‘Dear God, the sea is so broad and my boat is so small’.

Tickets: No tickets are required, all are welcome. There will be an opportunity to donate to our charities and to our fund for building a toilet.  Because of the limitations of Wi-Fi in the area, we cannot take cards, but your cash will be very welcome! Please Gift Aid it if possible.

Refreshments: There will be refreshments available after the service.

Accessibility: There is some car parking at the end of the lane by the church, or park in Church Lane as you approach. The toilets are public ones in the cemetery. The church is accessible to all.

Contact: David Habershon tel: 07498 726467, e-mail: